The Strachan Community Centre is a space that serves the newer generation of inhabitants in Liberty Village.

My Role:
Architectural Design
Schematic Design
Design Development
Tools Used:
Rhino 3D
Vray for Rhino
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Project Length:
6 weeks
Project Type:
Comprehensive Studio

Project Brief

At the turn of the new century, the idea of what a library needs to house to stay relevant is up for debate. A library is no longer defined as a house for physical books. The first bookless Library complete construction in 2010, at the University of Texas. A library is defined more as a gathering space to develop one's skills. So how do we address the changing methods of learning in the 21st century?

A library is no longer a space built to access physical books. It is a place for gathering for the purpose to develop one's mind.


A contemporary community centre is proposed to address how the millenial generation learn. Rather than a single use library, it was more valuable to add a variety of programmatic coworking spaces.

Map of Coworking Spaces

To validate its site specific need, I looked into existing spaces that served a similar purpose.

To validate its site specific need, I looked into existing spaces that served a similar purpose.

ARC314_City Map

Massing Strategy

With the train tracks physically dividing the neighbourhood, it was imperative to have the proposed site act as a connector. The lot is divided into 3 volumes at ground level, allowing social gathering at the intersection of the three roads.

ARC314_Massing Strategy1
ARC314_Ground Level v3
ARC314_Second Level v3

The bridge acts as a flexible gathering space to share knowledge through presentations and pinups.


Each of the three paths are bicycle friendly, integrating the existing bike lanes further into the neighbourhood. The curvature of the buildings naturally directs the flow of traffic.

In the centre of the site are topographic areas, creating a dynamic environment. They promote informal spaces of social activity.


The children's library dynamic space where books can be read in non-traditional ways.

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